It’s Never Too Cold for Ice-cream

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IMG_3396As I have stated countless times on this blog, and as some of you know from first-hand experience, the weather in Scotland is a temperamental beast.  One minute it will be hailing and the next there won’t be a cloud in the sky… sometimes these two things even coincide.  Despite all of the uncertainty, what’s life without a little risk? I say go for that ice-cream cone every chance you’ve got regardless of the weather because life is short and there is a bounty of uneaten dessert out in Edinburgh waiting for you. 

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article about my favourite places to eat around Scotland’s capital and I know you have all been eagerly awaiting my follow up blog about the best dessert places in town (silent cricket chirping undercuts this grandiose statement).  I am here to announce that your long wait has ended!  Below I’ve compiled a list for you of six excellent dessert locals around my favourite city along with a little description about what makes each of them so great.


How many of our cravings fit into the cookie-cutter hours that most ice-cream parlours keep? If you’re an unconventional frozen sweets addict like myself, Affogato is the place for you.  At the end of Princes Street and open until 10 pm Wednesday through Saturday its the perfect quick fix when the ice-cream itch sets in. On a rotating wheel of flavour heaven, Affogato stocks anything from rich creamy classics to bold seasonal treats.  They’re closed both Mondays and Tuesdays now (I believe) and shut by six on a Sunday so to avoid the disappointment I’ve encountered numerous times on the hopeful whim that they’ll be open, stick to the second half of the week.

Artisan Cheesecakes

Artisan Cheesecakes is a shop I’ve only recently discovered when I moved out to Bruntsfield.  With a large variety of rotating cheesecake flavours, this place knows exactly how to serve happiness on a plate.  I’ve only tried the New York Classic but trust me, I’ll be back soon (though at £3 a slice, I’ll have to space out my visits).

Hours: Monday- Saturday 10am-7pm; Sunday 12pm-7pm

IMG_8477 Chocolate Tree

I used to walk 40 minutes to get to this shop just for some ice-cream in the dead of winter. The Chocolate Tree is a one-stop-shop for all of your dessert desires.  They not only sell amazing in-house chocolates, tea and coffee but are also trying to make me gain 45 pounds by stocking incredible ice cream.  You can never go wrong with the raspberry gelato and vanilla.  They’ve only grown in popularity since I moved here so be wary that if you want to sit in rather than freezing your fingers off on the go you may have to call ahead to book a table on busier days.

Hours: Monday- Sunday 10am-7:30 pm

Coro The Chocolate Café

Waffles and pancakes and ice-cream, oh my! I brought an eleven year old chocoholic along with her 21 year old sweet-toothed brother here and I’ve never seen so many chocolatey options on a menu in my life.  If you ever thought, what could possibly make a waffle even more delicious than simple syrup and a dose of old-fashioned butter, chuck a few brownies, candy and hot fudge on there! Down near the botanic gardens, this is a great stop to sit and rest after viewing the best flowers in town.

Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-6pm; Saturday- Sunday 10am – 6pm

Fudge Kitchen

I’m not personally a fudge fanatic but I have gifted a few slices of this luscious chocolatey goodness to friends who have absolutely loved it.  On the lower half of the Royal Mile, fudge kitchen offers tantalising samples to draw you in.  At about £5 for a big hunk of fudge you can spread this treat out for a few weeks when stored properly.  Or you can be like my friend Ben and eat it all in one sitting thereby causing the worst stomach ache in human history.

Monday – Friday 9:30 am- 6:00 pm


Mary’s Milk Bar

Mary’s classic “milk” flavour is every ice cream purist’s fantasy.  It has all of the subtle notes ice cream should and leaves you feeling warm inside despite the chilly temperature. They also have seasonal flavours and many more besides so there’s something for everyone.  As the shop is locally owned, Mary’s doesn’t always stick to their listed hours.  They tend to shut early in the winter if they aren’t busy enough and in the summer if they flat out run out of ice cream (not a bad testament to their quality)!

Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 11-7 Sunday 12-6