Tales from the Trinity Ball

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Ronan Nelson, a third year Global Studies major at the University of California, Los Angeles, is loving his spring term at Trinity College Dublin.  A few weeks ago Ronan attended the Trinity Ball on campus. Consisting of between six and seven thousand people, the Trinity Ball is one of the largest private student parties in Europe.  Ronan told me that people had engagements from two o’clock in the afternoon until nearly five in the morning.  When I was shocked at the timeline, he said “it was the craziest thing I’ve ever been to in terms of a student function and it was honestly one of the best Trinity-related things that I have done here”.

Before the ball started Ronan and his friends went to a little Italian restaurant to gear up for the big night.  He said the venue was outdoors and consisted of four main stages “with all sorts of different acts and it was as close to a Coachella that you could get inside the middle of Dublin”.  Instead of the classic Coachella swimsuits and tank tops, all of the ball guests were dressed in cocktail dresses and tuxedos.

“I went as a fashion statement” Ronan (pictured above in a classy tuxedo) said after describing the Oscar De la Renta dress he joked about wearing.

When I asked Ronan what the highlight of the night was he responded that in terms of music it was getting the chance to see The Stripes, a band he had known for a couple of years.  But the true highlight for Ronan was “dancing in the main tent with a crowd that was having a really lovely time.  All of my friends made a good circle around me so that when people were going nuts like if another band would come on there was a big rush towards the front because people wanted to see what was going on.  My friends were elbowing people and were making sure that I was safe in my wheelchair and people weren’t stumbling over me it was great. My friends are very protective its nice”.


When I asked Ronan if he felt that the ball was worth the pricey ticket, he said “if you get the opportunity to go to the trinity ball, there will be some people who will say its not worth the price, don’t listen to them.  You’re only here for a couple of months or a year abroad, its well worth the price and you’ll never forget the experience”.