Melanie Woiwode Scholarship Recipient: Cu Fleshman – Mountaineering

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UCD student Cu Fleshman, never knew how great of a time she would have joining the Mountaineering Society and the climbing opportunities it would afford her – check out Cu’s beautiful photos and read about her mountaineering experience below!

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Joining the UCD Mountaineering Society is honestly one of the best decisions I have made during my time studying abroad at University College Dublin. When I was homesick or stressed, I was able to take my mind off my troubles during the club’s weekly climbing training sessions. These sessions gave me something to regularly anticipate, and the weekend hiking/climbing trips also allowed me to explore more of Ireland’s beautiful countryside and mountains. Both the weekly training sessions and the weekend hikes additionally provided me with opportunities for rigorous physical exercise.

Although the Mountaineering Society does provide activities such as the weekend hikes at low cost to members, having the funds from the Melanie Woiwode Scholarship has been very helpful to me. The club’s membership fee is higher than those of other clubs at UCD, and the assistance provided to me by the Melanie Woiwode Scholarship allowed me to go on more trips with the Mountaineering Society, and to invest in appropriate gear to pursue climbing and hiking more regularly, even after I return home.

I would highly recommend applying to this scholarship. When I first heard of the scholarship, I did not consider applying, because I assumed I would not receive any funds. After receiving some much-needed encouragement from an advisor with UCEAP, I applied and was pleasantly surprised to receive a stipend that has enabled me to participate in many more activities with the Mountaineering Society. With this in mind, I would like to pass on the favor that my UCEAP advisor did for me, and advise eligible young women in sports activities to apply so that they, too, may be able to participate in more activities to enrich their study abroad experiences.

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If you’re interested in learning more about the Melanie Woiwode Scholarship for women in sport, or wish to apply, click here