ACE Scholarship Recipient: Talia Wun-Young – Fashion Internship

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Read about the exciting fashion internship Talia Wun-Young had while studying abroad in London in her own words below!

Krisp Clothing Intern: My Experience

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Working at Krisp Clothing as an E-Commerce and Social Media intern has had a huge impact on my study abroad experience. Based in northwest London, Krisp Clothing is a fashion brand based in London with over 25 years presence on the UK high street catwalk and 5 successful years on international marketplaces. Working directly alongside the ECommerce and marketing manager has given me great professional exposure in numerous areas of the e-commerce and fashion business environment while also allowing me to attend events I never would have knew about without the position. This internship gave me a glimpse into London’s high street fashion industry and allowed me to grow professionally. I worked on several commercial photoshoots, wrote blog posts and created social media graphics and videos, collaborated with established bloggers to reach US markets, worked a fashion show/trade show, and also assisted with many day to day activities. Some of these opportunities and works are illustrated below:

MK Fashion Show

Graphics and Work Samples

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Graphic created after US Blogger Collaboration
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Another Blogger Collaboration graphic

This internship was extremely important to me because it allowed me to gain professional experience directly related to my studies. As a soon to be senior communication student, professional experience is incredibly crucial to finding employment after graduation. I have always had a passion for marketing and social media, especially within the fashion industry and this position allowed me to further my experience in both fields. I got to work behind the scenes on photoshoots and even one UK fashion show; all of which were extremely exciting experiences that gave me a more international perspective on the fashion industry.

My position at Krisp Clothing also taught me new skills relating to ECommerce such as working within virtual commerce databases to analyze sales history, visually merchandise products, and anticipate future trends. The grant was incredibly helpful in making my internship possible by subsidizing some of my transportation costs and allowing me to get to and from my northwest London a couple times a week. Travel costs would have definitely added up and become an issue if I had not received the grant and my participation in this activity was directly related to my ability to get to and from northwest London. I am so incredibly thankful to the ACE Scholarship Committee for helping make this opportunity a reality and would definitely recommend this scholarship to similar future applicants. The ACE Scholarship is amazing in that it helps students pursue something other than school while abroad and I think that is incredibly beneficial.

Watch some awesome behind the scenes footage from Talia’s internship!