Melanie Woiwode Scholarship Recipient: Hannah Phalen – Mountaineering

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One of the best ways to explore a new place is to walk it, and UCC student Hannah Phalen did just that, by joining the Mountaineering Club and hiking all over Ireland! Read about her experience here. 

My semester at University College Cork in hannah phalen 5southern Ireland was amazing and I am very sad it is coming to an end. Some of my favorite memories from my semester here include traveling around Ireland and going on hikes– some long and some short. Because of the fun I had in the beginning of the semester going on less intense hikes, I decided to buy some foot gear more appropriate for hiking so I could go on more intense hikes, with the help of the Melanie Woiwode Scholarship. The funds also helped me pay for transportation to and from the mountains.

I met some great friends on the first couple of hikes I went on, either with the Mountaineering Club on chaperoned and sponsored trips or with their advice on how to do it on our own. I have now hiked numerous mountains in Ireland, and even did a short hike in Scotland with a friend I made in Mountaineering Club. I strongly recommend anyone wishing to participate in physical activities while abroad that come with a cost that is hard to afford for you to apply to this scholarship! I would be put off by the costs associated with hiking and this this scholarship helped subsidize that.

Mountaineering Club introduced me to hiking in Ireland and what that entails, and gave me a network of friends to do walks and hikes with even outside the sponsored club events, which was an integral part of my semester here in Ireland.  I have included some photos of hikes in Ireland including in Kerry, in Mahon Falls, in Doolin County and the short hike I did in Edinburgh, Scotland as well.

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