Melanie Woiwode Scholarship Recipient: Delaney Lepak – Dodgeball

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There are some definite differences between sports in the UK and the US, such as soccer vs. football, but luckily for UC Berkeley student Delaney Lepak, both countries have one thing in common – dodgeball. Read about Delaney’s experience playing dodgeball at UCL! 

On my semester abroad at University College London, delaney4I was welcomed into the University of London Union co-ed Dodgeball team. Our team practices every Monday and Friday in preparation for tournaments on the weekend in which we compete against other teams from schools in the United Kingdom. Being on dodgeball has made a drastically positive difference on my term at UCL. As the captain of my intermural dodgeball team at UC Berkeley, I have always enjoyed playing dodgeball and joining the team at UCL has formed a connection between my time at UCL and at UC Berkeley that has made the transition so much easier. Apart from considerably improving my technical dodgeball skills, the team has had a huge impact on my social life at UCL. All of my teammates have welcomed me in with open arms, given me funny nicknames, given me tips on improving my British accent, and invited me to all of their “Sports Nights” and socials.


Being on dodgeball has allowed me to become extremely immersed in British culture as it allowed me to meet many local friends that I would not have the opportunity to meet otherwise. The Melanie Woiwode Scholarship has made all of this possible by paying for my membership and transportation to and from games. I am so lucky to have gained this scholarship and this team and I could not imagine my study abroad experience without them! I highly encourage any woman planning on studying abroad to join a sport at their host university and apply for this scholarship!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Melanie Woiwode Scholarship for women in sport, or wish to apply, click here