Last Minute California Check-List

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As you prepare to depart on the adventure of a life time (cheesy study abroad line but hopefully very accurate!) you’ll be counting down the minutes and days, staring at the empty suitcase you’re too excited to pack.  As you look forward to flying the coop there’s a few things I’d recommend checking off in preparation for your time away.


  1. Spend as much time soaking up the sun as possible while avoiding a horrendous sunburn because trust me you do not want to be red as a lobster while sitting on a 13-hour flight. Be sure you breathe in the ocean air while you’re at it!
  2. Have you ever eaten so many tacos you actually had to lay down in the middle of the restaurant? Now’s your chance! Embrace the opportunity to fill your belly because Mexican food in the UK is expensive and, for the most part, relatively inauthentic. There are definitely some hidden gems that will serve up a mean enchilada but for the most part you’ll be missing those incredible hole-in-the-wall restaurants we all know and love.
  3. On the same lines: eat all of the avocados that you think your body and budget can handle. Yes of course you can get avocados in the UK but they aren’t nearly as tasty and, yet again, you’re going to be shocked by the prices.
  4. Appreciate the lovely American accents all around you because once you’re studying abroad the sound of a loud American tourist asserting complaints on the train for your daily commute will be the last thing you want to hear.
  5. Get used to watching dust blow out of your wallet when you open it. As a student on a budget abroad I was often cutting it close to the wire financially but I made the most of my time abroad and I wouldn’t want it any other way! Daily life in America is definitely more affordable than daily life in the UK (on average) so maybe it’s a good idea to create a budget sheet (very exciting, exactly what we all want to do on a Saturday night).
  6. Spend time with your family. They are going to miss you so much and you are going to miss them more than you think.  Take each member of your family out to do something unique to them! Trust me, it’ll mean a lot to them.
  7. Widdle down your luggage as you’ve definitely over packed. Only bring the essentials! Prepare for layers… lots and lots of layers.
  8. Oh and of course hit Disneyland if you can.

Best of luck with your packing and flights! We can’t wait to meet all of our new students!