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In anticipation of our incoming applications for the Edinburgh Study Centre Internship we’re catching up with all of our previous interns to see how they felt about their time in London and Edinburgh.  Check out this brilliant follow up with our last London Intern Rhiannon Yee!

Let’s start with an introduction! When was your internship, where did you study abroad?


Hey, I’m Rhiannon! I was the Programme Intern from 2016-2017 for the London Study Centre. I had come back to work in London for this internship after studying abroad in London at King’s College in the spring of 2015.

What inspired you to apply for the internship position?  Did it match your expectations once you began?

I absolutely fell in love with London when I studied abroad, and I especially enjoyed the internship I had while abroad, so I was inspired to come back and work for even longer in the city! I wanted to challenge myself after graduating from Berkeley by moving my entire life across the pond and really go for what I wanted.


I would say the internship position definitely matched my expectations, and even exceeded them! I had no idea how fast it would all move and how much responsibility I would be given, which was a pleasant surprise of sorts.

What was the most challenging aspect of the position? The most rewarding?

The most challenging aspect of the position didn’t really have much to do with the actual position, as I found the transition to London life was a bit lonely and overwhelming at first – it took me a while to adjust! Luckily, once I did, everything was that much more amazing. The most rewarding aspect of the position was talking to students who had had fun at the events I helped put on!

What are the differences you experienced between studying abroad and working abroad?

There’s a huge difference between studying abroad and working abroad – when you’re studying abroad, you don’t have a care in the world! You’ve got all your friends and all you want to do is go out and travel around. Working abroad is different because you’re not in the university environment anymore so you’re surrounded with people your age all the time, and you’ve got bills to pay, so you can’t be traipsing the globe all the time! I will say that I enjoyed having more time to focus on really exploring London thoroughly.

What was the transition home like after your job here?

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I don’t have much of a transition back home, since I only went home for a month to see my family and friends and pick up my new visa. By the time this post will be posted, I’ll be back in London to start my Masters Programme, which is very exciting! However, I really missed home, so it was so great to recharge in the sunshine and reconnect with all of my loved ones before another year in the big, bad city.

Do you have any words of advice for future applicants?

The advice I would give to future applicants is to really think about whether you want this job, not whether you just want to live in London or the UK, because it’s an amazing opportunity to grow and learn and discover what you want to do in life! I would also say to think about all the logistics of the position as well and make sure you’re prepared to deal with the magnitude of moving across the world from good ‘ol California – best of luck!