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About Kristie’s blog, SoCal to Bristol: a blog of firsts.

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Throughout her studies at the University of Bristol, Kristie Chairil, 4th-year UC Santa Barbara student, decided to create ‘a blog of firsts’ to document her experiences studying abroad in the UK. “It’s my first time on this side of the Atlantic, living outside the U.S. for more than a month, and my first real blog, hence a ‘blog of firsts.'”

Checkout some of her blog articles below! For more, checkout her blog site by following the link above 🙂



The Calm before the storm

Before heading off to travel for 4 to 5 weekends in a row (wow!), in this post Kristie talks about the things she does and doesn’t miss about being at UC Santa Barbara while abroad in Bristol, England. (Posted on 12 November, 2017).

Chairil_Calm before storm

I thought it fitting in this week’s post to reflect on things I miss and don’t miss about LA/Santa Barbara. I’m not awfully homesick, but now that some of the novelty of studying abroad as worn off, I thought I’d pull the wool back from the eyes, so to speak.” Kristie Chairil, “The Calm before the storm,” SoCal to Bristol: a blog of firsts.

Cardiff and Stonehenge

In this article, Kristie takes us through her trips during ‘reading week’ at the University of Bristol. Day trips are incredibly do-able on weekends, and, as Kristie reminds us, especially during reading week! (Posted on 5 November 2017).

Chairil_Cardiff and Stonehenge

At most English universities, there’s something called reading week, which typically falls in the middle of the term and provides students the opportunity to catch up on class material, readings, essays, and/or research, but … we only spend part of this week ‘reading.'” –Kristie Chairil, “Cardif and Stonehenge,” SoCal to Bristol: a blog of firsts.


Learning stuff

The post-study-abroad-honeymoon phase hits students hard as they realize that living/studying/surviving in another university, let alone another country, is not a walk in the park… In this article, Kristie shares what she learned in her first few weeks at Bristol. (Posted on 18 October 2017).



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