Fall 2017: Q&A with our Mentees

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Sarah Sweeney, King’s College London

How did you spend time with your mentor?

Sarah Sweeney MentorshipI had a wonderful experience getting to know Nadia through the UCEAP Mentorship Program. We had chats at the pub and over Italian dinners about what we enjoyed (and didn’t enjoy) about our school and work, and where we hope to be in the future. Nadia has worked everywhere from small nonprofits to universities to large government organizations… I learned a lot about which type of workplace might be a good fit for me in the future.” 

Kharla Magpoc, Royal Holloway University London

What did you learn from this experience and/or from your mentor?

Kharla Magpoc MentorshipI was paired with Lauren Stark who is currently the Head of Marketing at the Amazon App store office in London. I thought it was a perfect opportunity because Marketing is a field that I am highly interested in. She also provided me with information about the pathway I want to take after university […] I never had thought about Event Coordination for marketing purposes like corporate events and it interested me into researching the position further. Event Coordination for Marketing blends the two career options I was considering.”

Marceline Graham, Sotheby’s Institute of the Art

What difference has this programme made to your study abroad experience?

Marceline Graham MentorshipThis experience made my study abroad richer as I felt like I have a friend in London, which means a lot because I am planning on moving here and don’t know many people. Ethel gave me great recommendations and was very interested in my life and how I am doing…  Because I plan on moving back in January, the two of us have tentative plans to meet up again as we got along so well.” 

Lily He, King’s College London

Would you recommend this programme to future students? If so, why?

I would strongly recommend this programme to future students because I was very thankful for the mentorship arrangement that the UCEAP centre has placed for me. It not only showed their effort to helping students achieve their goals with their resources, but they also took deliberate consideration to review our applications and reach out to the right people for pairing in order to maximise our experience.”


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