Melanie Woiwode Scholarship Recipient: Maria Gonzalez – Volleyball

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English university sports clubs travel all around England for tournaments and competitions. With the University of Manchester’s volleyball team, Maria was able to travel to cities all over England and make lasting friendships and memories along the way. Read more about Maria’s experience playing volleyball at the University of Manchester!

Maria Gonzalez Manchester

Now, I have a team jersey as a souvenir of my experience abroad and also the unforgettable memories of competing and training a sport in the U.K.”

First I want to say thank you for awarding me with the Melanie Woiwode Scholarship. This scholarship enhanced my study abroad experience providing me with the financial support to join a club volleyball team. Joining a sport abroad allowed me to travel, make new friends, stay active all while having fun doing something I enjoy.

It was important for me to be involved in extracurricular activities; I wanted to have the full student experience and participating in a volleyball club allowed me to be part of a team and represent my host university. I played volleyball in high school and missed being part of a team. My favorite part about playing in this team was having the opportunity to travel to local cities in England. I visited York, Leeds, Liverpool, and Dukhime with free transportation and good company thanks to my volleyball program.

I also made a diverse group of friends that I met through the sports program, increasing my social life and contributing to my overall experience abroad. Unfortunately, I do not have the financial resources to pay club membership fees; without this grant I would not have been able to play which is why I am very thankful for scholarships like this that are beyond academics and allow students to be involved and active.

I would definitely recommend this scholarship to future applicants especially if they want to be involved and meet amazing people that share a same interest along the way.

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