Melanie Woiwode Scholarship Recipient: Natalie Ballesteros – Athletics & Cross Country

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One of the best ways to integrate into your new life abroad is to continue doing something you love, and make new friends from it. Natalie Ballesteros had the opportunity to pursue her passion for running on the Athletics and Cross Country team at King’s College London. Read more about how running with her team enhanced her study abroad experience!

Receiving the Melanie Woiwode Scholarship for King’s Athletics team has greatly enhanced my study abroad experience at King’s College London. Joining the athletics team has not only enabled me to participate in the activity I love the most, but has also granted me the opportunity to meet new people and form new friendships.

Participating in athletics was one of the most rewarding experiences I had while studying abroad. For the first time since high school I was able to be part of a team of amazing, talented individuals. When the stress from school became overwhelming I knew I had athletics training to count on as a stress reliever and as a chance to unwind with friends while doing what we love most: running.


Natalie Ballesteros KCL
The first time I ran with King’s Athletics at their Fresher’s “Nitro Athletics” Event.


Without this grant I’m not sure I would have participated in this program. Studying abroad is very expensive on its own, and trying to add on more clubs and programs really impacts one’s budget. I would definitely recommend this scholarship to any future applicants in a similar situation. It doesn’t hurt to apply, and if you do you might just be pleasantly surprised when you receive your award. To anyone even thinking about applying for a scholarship while studying abroad, I urge you to apply for the Melanie Woiwode Scholarship.

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