Announcing our Spring 2018 Competition: “My UKI UCEAP Snapshots” !

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GOAL: to explore and document different aspects of your UCEAP UK & Ireland experience!


HOW: by challenging your creativity and out-going spirit and capturing pictures of the following 7 ‘snapshots’:

  1. A studious selfie.
  2. A photo of you with a landmark.
  3. A photo of you doing something you’ve never done before going abroad.
  4. An Instagram worthy picture of the most popular food in your location.
  5. A photo of something that is unique to your host university.
  6. A photo of you wearing your UC clothing with a ‘dope’ backdrop.
  7. A photo of yourself coping with the typically British/Irish/Scottish weather.

DEADLINE: the competition begins today February 9th and ends on March 9th

This gives you plenty of time to collect your snapshots & challenge yourself to discover your EAP destination! 



8247a2b1-1bcc-4d75-981b-08b92e05c09a.jpg._CB304714383__SL300__The Best Performance prize(s) will be given to the 3 students who most successfully and most spectacularly captured and documented all 7 snapshots. The following amounts will be handed out:

  • 1st: £40 Amazon voucher
  • 2nd: £30 Amazon voucher
  • 3rd: £20 Amazon voucher


The winners will be announced at the UCEAP Spring Trip in Scotland!

Rules of the Game

To be considered for the competition prizes, you must abide by the following instructions and rules:

  • Eligibility: to participate, you must be a current UCEAP student studying at a university in England, Scotland or Ireland.
  • To be considered for a prize you must submit all 7 snapshots via email using THIS TEMPLATE to if you’re an English universities student OR if you’re a Scottish/Irish student by the March 9th deadline.
  • All photographs must be UC appropriate (no alcohol, drugs, nudity or bad language; keep it PG, folks!)


  1. Can we submit “My UKIUCEAP Snapshots” as a team? Yes! If you want to team up with other UKI UCEAP students, go for it. Please note that the prize, should your submissions win, will be shared amongst your team members.

If you have any further questions regarding the competition rules/guidelines, please email Esther at or Heather at

***IMPORTANT NOTE: The Edinburgh and London Study Centres will use and reproduce the photos submitted to the competition on our platforms (social media, website, etc.). In submitting your photos you consent to have these images distributed by UCEAP.