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YOUR Guide to: make the most out of your study abroad experience by travelling, learning, and living


Like any abroad student literally ever, I’m sure you are all having a million thoughts running through your minds all the time. “How do I balance school, travelling, my social life, sleeeeep, extracurriculars, AHH?!” “Are my grades going to transfer back AS ALL F’s WHAT IS THIS 50%?!!” etc., etc… Well, if you are indeed asking all these questions (and most likely, more), that’s where I come in!

I consider myself an expert (exaggerating) on all things United Kingdom. I spent a year abroad here in the charming city of Edinburgh and, despite that bitter cold, January wind, I’m back for yet another year, this time from inside the Edinburgh Study Centre itself.  While I’ve only lived here in Edinburgh, I certainly did my fair share of travelling as a UCEAP student, both in the UK and all over Europe and North Africa.

[peep! Yep, that lil speck is mee @ the Isle of Skye]
Moral of the story, I have some advice to offer current and future UCEAP students in the UK and Ireland, useful guides on where to go and what to see, some academic tips and tricks up my sleeve, as well as fun and reminiscent stories and pictures for those of you who have already returned back to the motherland as UKI UCEAP alumni.


Why ‘The Guide’? Other than a catchy name that sounds like the title of a Chris Pratt film, this blog series will act as a helpful guide by tackling the three components of our lovely UCEAP mantra – Travel, Learn, and Live. In this series I’ll provide tips and recommendations, switching off between these three topics, that I found useful during my year abroad in order to help you make the most out of your study abroad experience.

[Surprise! Iceland is in fact icy]
While in this blog series I’ll provide you with travel and host city recommendations, academic advice, and how best to adjust to life in your new home, my tips on making the most out of life abroad in the UK were all learned through my own personal experience and trial and error. That being said, this series is about you! If you have any stories, pictures, or experiences you want to share to be featured in this series, don’t hesitate to email me at! Cheers all!