MySnaps 2018 Competition Winners!

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I bet you all are just dyyyying to see the photos from our MySnaps Competition Winners! Out of all the submissions we received, it was hard to choose three winners – all the photos we received were outstanding! But after much deliberation and careful judging, we came out with our first, second, and third place winners, and we are excited to share those pictures with you.


Our first place winner was Queen Mary student, Cristina Sanchez-Gonzales:

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Snap 1: “Diper (my stuffed animal) and I have gotten through some late nights of stuying while abroad.”

Snap 2: “Throwback to a sunny day by Tower Bridge when it was warm enough to wear Birkenstocks and a t-shirt…summer cannot come soon enough!”

Snap 3: “Before coming to London, I hadn’t seen many street performers in California. What made this experience extra unique was that the performer lent me her fan, taught me how to stay still, and we both got tips!”

Snap 4: A major plus side to living in East London is the delicious food. You can find me at the Sunday Upmarket by Brick Lane on most weekends. They have Venezuelan food, Indian food, Ethiopian food, Moroccan food, basically whatever you’re craving, they have it. And it’s amazing.”

Snap 5: “One of my favorite parts about studying at Queen Mary is Canary Wharf that runs through the back of campus. The view always provides inspiration to write my essays while getting some fresh air and trying to catch some sun rays.”

Snap 6: “Reppin’ UCEAP at Tate Modern. Visiting London’s free museums made my experience of studying abroad especially enriching. How cool is this tower of radios?!”

Snap 7: “Spotted: a California student attempting to cope with below freezing temperatures headed to the kitchen to make some tea before returning to bed for absolute comfort and warmth. #beastfromtheeast”


Our second place winner, from Trinity College Dublin, was Sonia Kumar:

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Snap 1: “Study Mode On.”

Snap 2: “When you’re lucky enough to pass the gorgeous Christ Church Cathedral everyday on your walk to school, you have to stop and snap a few pics every now and then. With a crazy story of Vikings, a distillery, and Tom and Jerry, this place has been through a lot.”

Snap 3: “The rare sight of a California native seeing snow for the first time.  When life gives you snow, start building an igloo.”

Snap 4: “A Coffee and Patry. So Simple. So Tasty. So Needed. So Ireland. (Beanhive Café)”

Snap 5: “Just another day hanging out with Aristotle in the Long Room at the Book of Kells #JustTrinityThings”

Snap 6: “Bruin Born, Bruin Bred, Bruins ‘Til the Day We’re Dead (featuring O’Brien’s Tower)”

Snap 7: “You could say it’s a bit colder over here (Arran Islands)”


At last, but certainly not least, was our third place winner from Trinity College Dublin, Rachel Brand:

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Snap 1: “Is breá liom an Ghaelige. #irishlanguagestudies”

Snap 2: “Poulnabrone dolmen – Portal Tomb”

Snap 3: “Did you know the Vikings came to Ireland? #lookmomwebecamevikings #vikingtours”

Snap 4: “Donuts are an art here.”

Snap 5: “First edition books for days.”

Snap 6: “Cliff jumping in Moher.”

Snap 7: “Californians experience Irish winters.”


Thanks to everyone who made submissions – we had some AMAZING content so you should keep an eye out on our pages.. we just might repost yours! 😉