Spring Trip 2018 – Scottish Highlands

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Our first stop was outside Edinburgh just before we crossed the Forth Road Bridge where we got a great view of the Firth of Forth and the beautiful Forth Bridge and the new Queensferry Crossing.  We hopped out of our coaches for a quick photo-op before returning to our jam-packed journey ahead.


Then it was onward bound to Scone Palace.  During the longer parts of the journey, we played a UKI-themed coach-pub quiz and the students boasted their extensive knowledge about their host countries.  Even our tour guide and bus driver helped answer a few of the hard ones!


Once we arrived at Scone Palace in Perth, it was clear that the students were mostly interested in the population of peacocks living on the palace grounds.  JK, but they certainly were a great addition to the beautiful and historical palace.  Among the vast history of Scone Palace, we learned that the site is the world famous crowing place of the King of Scots.  Needless to say, it was an incredible first stop on an eventful two-day excursion.


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After a quick lunch stop in the wee, but charming, village of Pitlochry, we made our way to Culloden Battlefield where we learned about some rich Scottish history in the exact place where the last battle to take place on British soil occurred in 1746.


Our final stop of Day 1 was in the beautiful city of Inverness.  After settling into our rooms, we took to the buses to a lovely dinner along the river running through the middle of the city.  A long day of travelling through the Scottish Highlands and a full belly of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding later, we all knocked out in a heartbeat that night.


DAY 2!! Although some of us weren’t too happy about both the early start AND losing an hour due to daylight savings, day 2 was in full swing as we drove around the sparkling Loch Ness.  (PS I did indeed see good ole Nessie and everyone denying that is just a haterrr 🙂 We soon arrived at Urquhart Castle where we were so impressed with this stunning castle in ruins overlooking the famous Loch Ness.


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My personal favourite part about driving through Scotland is simply gawking out the window at the amazing views.  There really is never a dull view when you’re driving through the Scottish Highlands.


Our last stop on the tour was the Three Sisters in Glencoe.  These three snow-capped mountains loomed over us as we stopped for our final group photo-op.  It was truly the perfect ending to the perfect trip.


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We hope you all had just as much fun as we did! Cheers!