The Guide: Live Music and Where to Find it

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Whether you’re in Scotland or Ireland, you can follow my guide to find some classic, traditional Scottish or Irish folk music which I know you’re dying to hear.


  • Sandy Bells – One of my favourites in Edinburgh is the wee corner pub called Sandy Bells where musicians pop in whenever they fancy a night of following along to traditional Scottish folk tunes with fellow fiddlers, pipers, banjo players, etc.
Sandy Bells, Edinburgh
  • The Royal Oak – Free live music every day!! I mean, what more could ya want?
  • The Ensign Ewart – The Ensign Ewart is the perfect place to visit to hear traditional Scottish music after a visit to the Edinburgh Castle, as it’s conveniently located only a few hundred yards down the Royal Mile. (Plus, fun fact – Ewart is my surname so, needless to say, ’tis my absolute fave spot in Edi)

    Ensign Ewart, Edinburgh
  • Captain’s Bar – Offering both traditional Scottish music as well as folk singing sessions, Captain’s Bar is a versatile and local fave.
  • Royal Mile – If you feel you’ve exhausted all of your options, you probably haven’t walked down the Royal Mile on the weekends. Let me tell ya, there are a plethora of pubs playing traditional Scottish music on a Friday or Saturday night, so take a stroll down the Royal Mile and allow your ears to lead the way!
  • RoyalMile
    Royal Mile, Edinburgh


  • The Scotia – Bc why wouldn’t the oldest pub in Glasgow (est. 1792!!) have live traditional Scottish music on repeat?
  • Sloans – Sloans hosts a Ceilidh band every Friday night and let’s be real, who doesn’t love the idea of a weekly Ceilidh?
  • sloans
  • The Ben Nevis – A local favourite hub, the Ben Nevis is home to Scottish folk sessions three nights a week.

St. Andrews


  • The Cobblestone – Not only is the Cobblestone a go-to for locals to listen to truly traditional Irish music, the family pub also offers music, dance, Ceilidh, and even history classes for anyone wanting to learn a wee bit more about the Irish culture.
  • O’Donoghues – Another local fave playing traditional Irish music seven days a week!!
  • The Northside – Both a local favourite as well as a great place for visitors to experience some genuine Dublin culture and folk tunes.
  • Temple Bar – If you’re ever at a loss for where to find some Irish tunes, take a stroll through the happening neighbourhood at Temple Bar any day of the week!
  • templebar
    Temple Bar, Dublin
  • For a full list of where to find traditional music in Dublin, visit


  • Taafes Bar – Taafes really seems like THE place to be in Galway as it offers traditional Irish music not once, but twice, every day!
  • taafes
  • The Crane Bar – A must-visit stop for music lovers, the Crane Bar is renowned in Galway for its nightly traditional music sessions.
  • Tigh Coili – Another classic, must-visit pub offering traditional Irish folk music in the centre of Galway.
  • Monroes Tavern – Not only does Monroes Tavern offer nightly traditional Irish music, but locals and visitors alike come together every Tuesday night for some traditional Irish set dancing. If I lived in Galway, I’d definitely be here every Tuesday night (likely making a fool of myself).


  • Sin é – Non-stop traditional Irish music, alllll night, seven days a week. Enough said.
  • De Barra’s – De Barra’s is renowned in the city of Cork for its traditional live Irish folk music so it is another must-visit!
  • The Oliver Plunkett – Not only is there live folk music after 10pm many nights of the week, but The Oliver Plunkett also offers traditional Irish dinner and a show with both music and dancers for an all-around authentic and exciting experience.

Disclaimer: Often, live music in Scotland and Ireland occurs in a pub or bar setting. This guide aims to encourage cultural experiences through music; you do not have to partake in the drinking culture to have a good time listening to traditional Scottish/Irish music in a pub.