The Guide: Sunny Daze in Edi

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The sun will be out, tomorrow! (JK it quite honestly might be, but also might not be..)  However, now that we’re fully pushing into spring, the blossoms are beginning to poke their little heads out of the ground and the sun is (finally) showing a more consistent effort at showing up to the party.  What to do next??!

North Bridge, Edinburgh

One of the greatest things about the UK is that (unlike us spoiled Californians who enjoy constant, beautiful sunny weather), a Brit can truly appreciate the sun showing its face.  Because of this, Edinburgh transforms on a warm, clear spring or summer day, with people soaking in their daily dose of Vitamin D, which the bleak Scottish winter deprived them of. Now that we’re full-on spring mode, here are a few of my favourite to-do’s in Edinburgh on a nice sunny day.

  • Picnic in the meadows.  On a warm, sunny summer day, the grassy expanse just behind Edinburgh uni transforms into a picnic, BBQ, and Frisbee afternoon party.  You can pick up a disposable BBQ at any supermarket for only a couple of pounds and post up all afternoon in the fresh Scottish air and bask in that sun you missed in the winter.
    • Princes St. Gardens are also a popular destination for such a lounging day.
BBQ in The Meadows, Edinburgh
  • Another great activity for a warm, clear day is either a sunrise or sunset hike up Arthur’s Seat.  It truly is an unbeatable view to watch the colours of the Edinburgh sky transform over the city.
    • A similar and just as popular activity is a swift walk up Calton Hill (for those of you who, like me, are allergic to 5 am hikes 😉
Calton Hill, Edinburgh
  • In my opinion, a perfect sunny, spring Sunday afternoon consists of visiting the charming Stockbridge food markets and then taking a stroll down the water of Leith to the even more charming Dean Village.
Dean Village, Edinburgh
  • If you find yourself missing Cali and fancy a nice walk along the beach, take a stroll down the shores at Portobello beach.  Although it might be a wee bit too cold for a dip, a picnic on the sand is wonderful on a warm sunny day in Edinburgh.
  • Holyrood Park and St. Margaret’s Loch allow for a beautiful walk with views of Arthur’s Seat and, in the warmer months, beautiful white swans lounging in the pond.
St. Margaret’s Loch, Holyrood Park, Edinburgh
  • For those of you with a sweet tooth, a great sunny afternoon may consist of a lovely stroll through the Grassmarket, under the castle, with an ice cream cone from the famous Mary’s Milk Bar in hand.  I know I’d consider that to be a class afternoon.
Mary’s Milk Bar, Grassmarket, Edinburgh
  • A small, uninhabited island that provides stunning views of the city of Edinburgh and the Queensferry Bridge, Cramond Island in the Firth of Forth is a beautiful place for a sunny weekend day out.  A walk around the island allows visitors to roam through stone remains that may be centuries old.


Whatever it is that you do in Edinburgh or the rest of the UK and Ireland, make sure you take advantage of the less common, but undeniably beautiful sunny daysss here in the UK and Ireland.