The Guide: 16 Signs you Studied Abroad in Ireland

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Courtesy of Maria Carroll


As we are nearing the end of the semester and many of you are returning back to California, feel free to reminisce on your time abroad in Ireland with these staple ‘HAVE-DONES’ as a study abroad student in the beautifully charming country of Ireland.

1) A walk to class included a daily donut, coffee, and a side of 50mph wind smacking you in the face.

2) You heard a fiddle, a banjo, and an Irish flute on every street corner.  And you STILL couldn’t get enough of it.

3) Hitting up your local pub, the world-famous Guinness Storehouse, was just another casual day out.

View of Dublin, Guinness Storehouse

4) You visited Northern Ireland not just for the beautiful sights, but because that one scene of that one season of GAME of THRONES was actually filmed there!!

5) The Irish university you attended looks like a castle, and is also older than America. But it’s no biggie.

Trinity College Dublin

6) The Cliffs of Moher were your backyard, and you constantly found yourself there.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

7) St. Patty’s Day. IN IRELAND. Never forget.

8) The Irish accent is music to your ears (even though you would ~occasionally~ have absolutely no clue what someone was saying).

9) Walking past those classic Irish, colourful houses was a daily occurrence you thought you would never get used to.

Galway, Ireland
Rachel Brand: Irish Language Studies

10) You made several attempts to teach yourself Gaelic (be it from a uni course or the bilingual signs scattered all throughout the country, it’s the effort that counts, right?!)

11) Potatoes. Are. Life.

12) Lounging on the banks of the River Corrib and looking out at the Galway Harbour on a warm and sunny day is one of your favourite pastimes.

13) You visited a lot of rocks that were very old, and very important.

Portal Tomb, Ireland (courtesy of Rachel Brand)

14) When the answer to the question, “Where should we go tonight?” was almost always, “Temple Bar, DUH.”

Temple Bar, Dublin

15) You went to at least one Irish dancing event, if not 50.

16) You may not have even left yet, but you’re already counting down the days until the next time you return to the land of castles and sheep and shamrocks and IRE. :))

Ireland ❤