The Guide: 16 Signs you Studied Abroad in Scotland

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YOUR Guide to: make the most out of your study abroad experience by travelling, learning, and living

As we are nearing the end of the semester and many of you are returning back to California, feel free to reminisce on your time abroad in Scotland with these staple ‘HAVE-DONES’ as a study abroad student in the beautifully charming country of Scotland.

1) Everything looked like a castle.  Literally everything.



2) Eating sheep intestine has become totally normal, and now haggis is your favourite food.

3) Your hair, your dress, your umbrella, your grandmother flew up and smacked you in the face 24/7 because of that wretched Scottish wind.

4) You’re convinced a good cup of tea can solve any problem.

5) Going to the Highlands consisted more of trying to find a hairy coo than actually enjoying the scenery.




6) You’ve become accustomed to hearing a bagpipe on every street corner.

7) You’ve accepted the fact that you will never fully understand what makes a cheeky Nando’s so cheeky [click here for more elaboration on a cheeky Nando’s].

8) You encountered at least one enthusiastic elderly Scottish man who you struggled to understand at every pub in the Highlands.  And it was always one of your favourite memories.

9) Ceilidh dancing is your new forte.

AU2_7772, 7772
[Photo courtesy of Fiona Hanson1]
10) You know every single fact and filming location of Harry Potter.

Glencoe, Scotland [Photo courtesy of Vu Vuong]
11) Every time you see the sun you greet it like it’s a long-lost relative.

12) You made it a top priority to watch the Royal Wedding because we are all basically a part of the fam now.


13) Plaid is your new favourite colour.  And kilts are your new favourite outfit.

14) Flocking to a park on a warm, sunny spring afternoon with friends and a disposable BBQ is one of your favourite pastimes.


15) Scottish banter is your go-to mode of conversation.

16) You finally adjusted to looking for traffic coming from the left… just in time to move back to California where you have to adjust all over again. ~Well, let’s just add that to the list of reasons to move right back to Scotland!~

Isle of Skye, Scotland


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