Mentorship Programme: Spring 2018!

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BW collage“It is a scary thing to go abroad and even more intimidating to think about moving to an entirely different country and I found it extremely valuable to talk to someone who had done just that.” Natalie Sklovskaya, King’s College London (Spring 2018)





One of the amazing opportunities available to UCEAP London students is the chance to be mentored by a member of the UC Alumni UK network during their time abroad.

Mentees and mentors are matched based on shared academic backgrounds and professional interests, and meet up a couple of times throughout the term to chat about everything from living in London to future careers.

Hear about our mentees’ experiences this Spring 2018 term in their own words below!

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Dimple Jethani (UCI) & Stephanie Ng (UCSB)

Dimple Jethani_Stephanie NgI really enjoyed Stephanie’s company because she was very informative and provided me with so much insight about Deloitte’s work culture. She explained some different teams at Deloitte which are related to technology. Furthermore, I told her I was interested in learning about Machine Learning and specializing in it in the future. She explained how Machine Learning is being used at Deloitte and how she was learning it for her job as well.”

-Dimple, King’s College London (Year 2017-18)

Li-Wei Chu (UCD) & David Martinez (UCSB)

Li-Wei Chu_David MartinezI decided to join the Mentorship Program to learn about the film industry in London. I hoped to learn about what the working culture was like and perhaps even learn some cool tidbits about the city itself. Surprisingly, I received much more than that! … I would definitely recommend this program to all incoming students. Not only did it enhance my knowledge about London, but it also provided me with a chance to meet one of the coolest people in the industry (and make a new friend!). I can only hope that I can be as successful as David in the future–I would love to one day do the same for others.”

-Li-Wei, Queen Mary University of London (Year 2017-18)

Anastasia Yakouba (UCSC) & Conchita Pang (UCSB/UCDC)

I was able to meet with my mentor and ask all the questions I’ve been curious about – regarding London and my desired occupational field. I was paired with Conchita Pang who is a Film Production Accountant and has a plethora of other experiences within the entertainment/film industry. I was so happy to be paired with her as I myself am a Film and Digital Media major. We sat down for coffee and talked for almost three hours regarding her experiences in school and working in the industry.  It was so great to hear about her stories and I learned a lot about the industry, as well as it urging me to think a lot more about what my personal journey will be.

-Anastasia, King’s College London (Spring 2018)

Brent Hensley (UCB) & Anthony Akerman (UCB)

Brent HensleyNever before have I considered going into international shipping, but talking with [Anthony] made the job sound extremely appealing, and like something that I could see myself making a career out of. As someone who is open to living abroad again, discussing with him how he ended up in London was certainly interesting and enhanced my study abroad experience.”

-Brent, University College London (Spring 2018)

Cristina Sanchez-Gonzalez (UCI) & Greta Paa-Kerner (UCSD)

Cristina Sanchez Gonzalez_Greta Paa KernerThe mentorship programme enabled me to meet with a successful alumna to talk about and reflect on my experience of studying abroad in London… The mentorship programme also helped me learn about the importance of having someone to go to for guidance and advice about academic and professional issues. I would recommend this programme to future students if they are looking for an opportunity to connect with a fellow UC member. Since I studied in London for the year and only did the programme my second semester, I can really tell the difference of what it was like to have some additional guidance in the latter half and I wish I would have had it both semesters.”

-Cristina, Queen Mary University of London (Year 2017-18)

Germain Louie (UCI) & Florian Schratt (UCSB)

Germain LouieYou never know what you’re getting yourself into until you just do it! Applying for the mentorship programme was a great addition to my study abroad experience. It has allowed me to connect with a UC alum, Florian, and learn about how he utilized his previous study abroad program, his interest, and his career. Because of Florian’s background and experience across the world, ranging from Austria to the U.S., then to Ireland and now the UK, he was able to discuss about his experience, similar to mine in trying to assimilate into the social culture of the UK.”

-Germain, Queen Mary University of London (Spring 2018)

Kendall Murphy (UCSB) & Stephanie Ostrich (UCR)

Kendall MurphyMy meeting with the UCEAP mentor Stephanie was a lot of fun, and it was really exciting to meet a UC alumnus who has moved to the U.K. … Meeting up with her and discussing our experiences in London helped me feel a future living and working in the U.K might be possible. We met up at the Tate Modern … After introductions, Stephanie was able to get us both tickets to the Joan Jonas exhibition at Tate because of her museum position. It was really special to be able to view the exhibit with someone who works in the museum world, and talking about Joan Jonas’s experimental performance-based art with Stephanie was a lot of fun.”

-Kendall, Sotheby’s Institute of Art London (Spring 2018)

Natalie Sklovskaya (UCD) & Patrick Mispagel (UCD)

Natalie SklovskayaI am studying abroad very close to the time I will be graduating from university and a lot of the time I spend here, I am thinking about what I will do upon graduation. Meeting someone who graduated from my university with the same major and who is already established in the working world gave me a valuable perspective on how to approach the decisions I will have to make in the coming year… My mentor gifted me a book to help me assess my skill set and gain some insight as to what types of things I may be good at. I found this gift extremely helpful and a very interesting exercise to get to know myself.”

-Natalie, King’s College London (Spring 2018)

Rachel Leung (UCI) & Lawrence Kao (UCLA/UCB)

Rachel Wing Tung Leung_Lawrence KaoFrom this experience, I learned a lot about living in Europe and how to deal with career hunting. [Lawrence] had mentioned how starting out a career is hard and how it was fine to have an empty career section after graduation because everyone had to start somewhere. He told me not to be discouraged when an entry position job was looking for someone with experience because he said to just apply to try it anyways because we never know what opportunities it provides. I would recommend this programme to other people because it provides a more personal experience and allows for the mentor to provide their insight on topics such as resumes and careers based off of their own experience rather than off the broad views we always get.”

-Rachel, Imperial College London (Year 2017-18)

Jessica Liu (UCSB) & Nadia Macias (UCB)

Jessica LiuMy main takeaway from my mentor was just how feasible it would be to immigrate to the United Kingdom. This year abroad led me to seriously consider moving to Europe as I thoroughly enjoyed living in London. As my mentor worked in the U.S. Embassy and had gone to law school in the U.S, she helped me to seriously consider the many paths I could take in terms of my career… I would absolutely recommend this programme to future students. Having a mentor was incredibly helpful as she made the transition of living in a foreign country much easier. She was also a reliable friend who was able to help me if I ever needed it. This programme changed my entire perspective in terms of my career ambitions and life.

-Jessica, King’s College London (Year 2017-18)

Alexa Gonzalez (UCLA) & Lauren Stark (UCB)

Lauren taught me the importance of being analytical and data-driven no matter what industry you’re in. Her decision to go back and get her MBA also showed me that I don’t need to have it all figured out right after graduation, and that I should be open to pivotal changes in life. This includes leaving America: Lauren took a leap of took a leap of faith moving to London, but she’s been thriving here for the past few years. As someone who’s interested in working in London someday, Lauren’s experience showed me that the move can be an exciting and worthwhile.”

-Alexa, King’s College London (Spring 2018)

A Special Thank You to Our UC Alumni Mentors


This program would not be possible without the amazing support and committment from our UC alumni mentors. If you are a UC alumna/us in the London area, and are interested in mentoring our incoming UCEAP London students please check out our sign up page here

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