Our Awesome Student Reps: Spring 2018!

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Queen Mary University of London : Cristina Sanchez-Gonzalez & Germain Louie

We had not one, but TWO students representing Queen Mary, University of London this semester. Cristina (above, left) represented our year-long students and Germain (above, right), our spring semester cohort. Together, they hosted a silly/fun event at Ballie Ballerson for their UC peers, and provided a welcome hand to both their UC family and the London Study Centre. Read their reflections below!


Being a student representative for UC at Queen Mary was the cherry on top for my study abroad experience. Because of it, I had the opportunity to meet and bond with my fellow UC peers. The best part of it was making and having our little UC family to fall back on when we got homesick or just to talk about our individual experiences… We ended up going to Ballie Ballerson [for our student rep event], a bar with a huge ball pit, and had a blast! We were all suddenly 5 years old again and forgot about all our preoccupations.

Our Queen Mary group became fairly close and some of us had the opportunity to travel together where we made incredible memories. I think my favorite part of being a student representative was following along with my peers’ experiences and seeing how we all progressively got the hang of London, found our favorite study spots, and gave each other advice like locals. When I would check in with people it never felt like a task I had to complete, rather I was just making sure my friends were doing alright and helping when I was needed. If I had to do it all over I would pick being student rep every single time.”



Studying abroad in London at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) through UCEAP, I had no intention of becoming as involved as I have found myself. However, I quickly found myself wanting to fully immerse myself not only at QMUL, but also through UCEAP. Serving as one of the two student representatives proved to be a rewarding experience that has allowed me to continue further develop as an emerging leader.

Throughout my experience I had the opportunity to work alongside with Cristina, another UCEAP student representative at QMUL, to organize an event at Ballie Ballerson, a ball pit arena. It was a refreshing getaway from being surrounded by the typical school environment and a great chance to meet other UC students who were also studying abroad at QMUL. We were able to share stories about our home universities, reminisce about any shared experiences we had missed, and discuss any common struggles we had faced. By planning this event, it allowed me to not only become more familiar with online platforms such as EventBrite, but also connect with other students and ensure their experience abroad was just as memorable as rewarding. […] I encourage others to utilize their time abroad to not only educate yourself, but also to take advantage of the numerous opportunities available (including applying as a student rep).”

King’s College London: Saira Shah

Saira Shah hosted a Coffee Chat with a few of her fellow King’s students as their Student Rep this term. During her takeover of our Instagram account (@ukiuceap) she took us on a tour of her beautiful campus and the surrounding city of London. Read her reflection on her experience as a Student Rep and as a King’s student below:

Saira Shah

I was given the opportunity of being the UCEAP Student Rep. for King’s College London for Spring 2018. This was an incredible experience where I got the chance to organize and plan an event for all the students participating in the program and studying at King’s. I also interacted regularly with other students through various platforms on social media such as email, Facebook and Instagram.

In late March, I planned an event called “Coffee Chat”, where all KCL students were invited. This was a casual, fun event where we got a chance to meet up and hang out over tea, coffee and hot chocolate and catch up. We talked about life in London and our overall experience as Study Abroad students. This was a great learning experience for me as I was given the task to plan the details of the entire event independently and invite everyone. I had to select a place, time and stay within a budget that I was given. The best part was actually being able to set up and attend a fun and successful event!

My experience as a study-abroad student has been just tremendous […] I fell in love with the city and the people and I would recommend everyone to study abroad and travel, whether it’s London or anywhere else in the world. I am so lucky to have availed this opportunity to Study abroad and represent UCEAP KCL students and cannot thank UCI and UCEAP enough for making it possible.”

Imperial College London: Nomuna Batmandakh

Nomuna was a year-long student and represented her cohort for the duration of the academic year. The tight-knit group (product of the small but intense programme) at Imperial enjoyed two dinner events, organised by Nomuna.  


Even though it is a bit of extra work, it is definitely worth being a student representative. I was already pretty close with half the people and I got to know the others a bit more! The events helped me catch up with Rachel and Victor, something that, otherwise, I would not have done just because of schedules and whatnot. It was really nice meeting up with all the other UC students from Imperial as it gave me a nice feeling of comfort and familiarity while exploring something new and different.”

University College London : Brent Hensley

Brent hosted two events as Student Rep for UCL this spring term—a Chelsea football match and a dinner get-together with other University of California students at UCL!

Brent Hensley“Overall I’d say that being the student rep for UCL was an easy and rewarding experience. The workload is kept to a minimum, although I somehow managed to miss deadlines even with that, but being student rep is definitely a good way to bring students from the UCs together… If you measure in participant satisfaction instead of numbers, everyone that came to both events seemed to have an outstanding time.”