Introducing NEW (and less new but still cool) London Study Centre Staff!

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The above photos are Jonathan being a nerd, (left) Caitlin crying over Nando’s (center), and another one of Jonathan wearing a cape (right).

This is an staff introduction written by Georgia, the LSC Programme Officer, however, it’s also a way for Georgia to show how much she loves/appreciates me.. and Jonathan sometimes lol.

Caitlin and Jonathan have been arguing about how to introduce themselves for the longest time, so it has fallen to me to introduce you all to our new London Study Centre Manager and our less new Programme Intern. Foolish of them, really. You all know me by now, but in case any of our students were sleeping at orientation, my name is Georgia and I am the UCEAP Programme Officer, with responsibility for our English programmes. I enjoy pizza, pretentious novels and being the most punk rock member of staff in our London office. But enough about me..

I’ll start with Caitlin because she has actually been here forever already. Caitlin is a UCSB graduate (GO GAUCHOSSS), who spent a year abroad at the University of Sussex through UCEAP. If you ask me, Caitlin’s best quality is her eagerness to ensure that all of our students have the best time abroad. I also enjoy Caitlin’s above average ability to throw out sass, as well as the fact she cries if she eats something really good (the only things she truly misses are tacos and her. Working with UC students has proved to be a fabulous job in my 1.5 years in the team, but people like Caitlin make it 617 percent more enjoyable. I look forward to more fun times in our little office and I know that she is genuine in her desire to help all of our students in whatever way she can. I also look forward to eventually adopting her as my surrogate child.

Jonathan is our new LSC Manager who’s been with us for a few weeks now- Jonathan joined us from The Globe Theatre, and has previously worked at Birkbeck and UAL. He’s got a Masters degree, so you know he is clever. He is also good at putting together stylish ensembles of dad jumpers and long coats, as well as being great at throwing out facts. Jonathan’s best quality is his ear splitting whistle (it can break glass) as well as an ability to put our students at ease (unless you are all good liars). He also does a great Californian accent which you should all definitely ask him to demonstrate for you when you meet him.

Whilst it has only been a few weeks we have all been working together, I think we are doing very well in our little slightly dysfunctional UCEAP family. We are all very keen to support our students in whatever way we can, from providing fantastic pastoral support to generally being great at dad jokes (the latter only applies to me though, Soz guys). However, it must be said that I still make the best cup of tea in the office.

I’m a big fan of both of my colleagues and would give them both a 6/5 yelp review, so do come and visit us at the London Study Centre if you are in the area, or feel free to call or email us at any time and we will be happy to help.