UCEAP 2018 Thanksgiving ‘Thankful For’ Photo Competition

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Every year the Edinburgh and London Study Centres hold a competition for students to submit their favourite photos showcasing their time abroad, and every year students hit it out of the park with their incredibles photos.  This year was certainly no exception.  Before our Thanksgiving event that was held this year in Edinburgh, Scotland, we had students send us an arrangement of photos which they thought epitomised which aspects of their lives abroad they are most thankful for.  We had an overwhelming number of amazing submissions, so many that it was hard to pick only three winners!  However, after much thought and deliberation, the Edinburgh and London Study Centres decided on two First Place winners (both were so amazing we had to call a tie!), one Second Place winners, and several honourable mentions (pretty much EVERYONE).  You can see all the submitted pictures of the three winners below, and a few photos from all other students who submitted, enjoy!

First Place Winner (Scotland student): Dakota Churchill

  • Not only were Dakota’s submissions beautiful and creative, but they so accurately depicted the things in her life abroad that she most appreciates and is happy to have.  For that, Dakota was awarded with one of the First Place prizes!

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First Place Winner (England student): Ashwin Vaidyanathan

  • Ashwin’s photos truly encompassed the things for which he is grateful for in his life abroad – he has really put himself out there and seems to be experiencing as much as he can in his short time here, which is what studying abroad is all about!  For that, Ashwin was awarded with the other First Place prize!

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Second Place Winner (Scotland student): Derek Feng

  • Derek’s submission was a verrryy close second, not only did he include photos that epitomise the aspects of his life abroad for which he is most thankful, but he also included an amazing animal compilation of all sorts of furry characters who he has met abroad.  For this, we awarded Derek with the Second Place prize.

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ALL of the submissions we received are worth showcasing, so here is one or two pictures from each and every student who submitted to the ‘Thankful For’ Photo Competition!  Enjoy!

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