Ta Ta, from ESC Programme Intern, Heather Ewart

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Today is my last day as UCEAP Programme Intern at the Edinburgh Study Centre Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 11.00.10and, honestly, it is such a bittersweet feeling.  On the one hand I’m absolutely gutted to be leaving this position – I can’t even put into words what this position has meant to me, and what it has done, and will continue to do, for me throughout the remainder of my professional career.  An international internship has so many benefits, for all of which I am grateful.  But most of all, I’m grateful for the amazing team I’ve had the pleasure of working with at the Edinburgh Study Centre.  Hilary (Programme Manager) and Amy (Programme Officer) are two of the most lovely and dedicated people I’ve ever worked with, and being able to learn from them this past year has been incredible.

I’ve had a blast writing for the ukiuceap blog, keeping up with student experiences on the Instagram and Facebook accounts, as well as seeing first-hand everything UCEAP does for students at orientations, Spring Trips, Thanksgiving, and all the events and activities throughout the year.  Everything this position offers has been inexplicably rewarding.  Leaving this position will be hard, but I’m so glad to have been able to be a part of the UK & Ireland UCEAP experience this year.  Hearing from students how much fun they have had during their time abroad, and how some of the things I have done during my internship has been a part of that, has been one of my favourite aspects of this position, as I know how much I loved my year abroad with UCEAP.


Although it is difficult to be leaving, I can’t wait for the years to come.  This internship has helped me realise that I want to continue my own journey in higher education.  The next step for me is starting a Masters in the UK in Animal Behaviour and Conservation this coming autumn, and I can honestly say I wouldn’t have gotten here if it weren’t for UCEAP.


So, as Tigger would say, it’s not a goodbye, it’s a ‘ta ta for now‘!