A Trip to the Scottish Highlands

On Saturday morning, twenty Ireland & Scotland students and three Edinburgh Study Centre staff members hopped on a bus heading north. This was the start of what would turn out to be a lovely day spent exploring various stops in the Scottish Highlands!

Along the way, our wonderful tour guide told us intriguing and often surprizing stories of Scottish history and folk lore.

The adorable wee town of Dunkeld was our first destination. There, we spent some time walking past little shops, lounging by the river and marvelling at the local cathedral.

Next, we arrived at the picturesque Hermitage trail, which we followed through the forest. It led us to a stone bridge overlooking a magnificent, thundering waterfall.

After our trail walk, we went to the cute highland town of Pitlockery, where we each satisfied our mid-day meal cravings and toured the area. We were also lucky enough do see some hairy coos and sheep on our way there!

After lunch, we drove to the stunning Queen’s View, a historic lookout point that offers its visitors the stunning sight of Loch Tummel and its lush highland backdrop. Despite the strong Scottish winds, we were able to capture an awesome group photo!

And finally, we ended our journey by touring the famous Glenturret Distillery. We learned all about the traditional process of making whiskey and then tasted Scotland’s national beverage ourselves.

Thank you all for joining us on this wee adventure. Until next time!