UCEAP Changed Me: Insights From Our World-Wide Community

Today is UCEAP’s first ever Global Day of Giving: a 24-hour online fundraising campaign that supports future scholarships so that the next generation of UC students can have access to amazing study abroad experiences!

In honour of this day, I’ve gathered some quotes from past and present UCEAP employees that showcase how impactful it is to be part of our world-wide study abroad community. UCEAP changes lives every year, and we hope that you join us in celebrating by sharing your story.

Read on to see what some of us have to say about UCEAP! And please visit uceapchangedme.com to learn more about how you can make a difference.

“Working for UCEAP was an incredible experience for me. I was still at a fairly early stage in my career and wasn’t sure what I was wanting to do but having the opportunity to work with a diverse array of students has allowed me to forge a career in International Education that I would have struggled to attain without UCEAP. I loved engaging with the students, hearing about their experiences, their hopes for their Study Abroad programme and ultimately seeing the change that being part of UCEAP allowed in them. Being part of the student journey, while no longer sadly a student, gave me a different perspective on what support can be offered through participating in programmes such as UCEAP. Even if you are on the fence about taking part I would highly recommend it, you will be part of a huge community and meet lots of incredible people and create memories which will last a lifetime.”

Fraser Bryden

“My year (1971-1972) of studying Geology at Edinburgh University jump started a path in a professional career that ultimately culminated in teaching at UC from 1980 until 2011. As a small measure of giving back, I was privileged to return and serve as Study Centre Director in Edinburgh from 2006 until 2008. I was pleased to welcome the first group in the UCEAP Science and Engineering semester there in 2007 and hope that many of these students have now gone onto fulfilling careers as well.”

Peter Schiffman

“Through studying abroad with UCEAP, students gain invaluable life experiences and broaden their global perspectives by learning about a new culture and adapting to a different way of life. Of course, all while creating incredible memories with new life-long friends from all over the world.

Working with UCEAP, and supporting UC students studying in the UK, was a truly rewarding experience and it was exciting to be part of a team so passionate about study abroad. I learned a lot from students and colleagues; I was able to share my own experience of living abroad; and I hopefully inspired students to embrace Scottish culture as much as possible during their time here, like tasting haggis!

In our increasingly globalised and connected world, I believe studying abroad is now more important than ever, and I would encourage any student considering going abroad to make it happen!”

Amy Bell

“Having worked at UCEAP for over 12 years now, I have had so many positive experiences that it is hard to summarise the impact UCEAP has had on my life. I am equally grateful for the opportunity to work with such an inspiring and positive groups of students, experiencing and supporting their journeys from apprehension to confidence, as I am to have worked with incredible colleagues and liaisons who have been part of our UK study centre and Goleta team or partner institutions. UCEAP not only offers students unique cultural learning opportunities but also its staff; being able to participate in conferences, visit campuses, meet colleagues and counterparts around the world has been a privilege and expanded horizons.”

Hilary Noyce

“I am grateful to UCEAP for giving me a position in which I can guide and support students during their life-changing experience of studying abroad. Having once struggled in their shoes myself, it feels wonderful to be able to give back in this way!”

Allie Dundon

“I’ve had the privilege of both studying abroad with and working for UCEAP, and these experiences have been impactful in countless ways. I’ve gained a strong willingness to expand my perspectives and pursue my dreams for the world, as well as a desire to support others on their own journeys. So it’s pretty cool that I now have the opportunity to help other students make the most of their own experiences abroad. I think of studying abroad as one of the biggest catalysts for personal growth that students can participate in, so making it more accessible is such an important way to give back to the community.”

Claire Darling Watts