Melanie Woiwode Scholarship Recipient: Kristyn Honore – Boxing

UC Santa Barbara student Kristyn Honore spent this Spring participating in a boxing club. She was able to pursue this experience thanks to the Melanie Woiwode Scholarship! Read on to hear from Kristyn about how boxing added to her time abroad:

During my term abroad at the University of Manchester, I joined boxing at Moss Side Boxing club. This experience has been by far one of the most enjoyable and rewarding aspects of my study abroad program.

I decided to join a boxing club as a part of achieving personal goals that I had set for myself. I always wanted to try boxing as a way to develop a hobby, to improve my fitness, and to feel more secure in my ability to protect myself. The past few months of my boxing experience has taught me discipline and has shown me great strength within myself.

The people who run the club, and who attend it, have become my sense of home in Manchester. Every time I attend a session, I have been welcomed by familiar smiling faces who refer to me as “Cali” since I’m from California. They joke around with me, talk about life, and commend me on my improvement and achievements. Attending Moss Side Boxing has helped me fight my homesickness and has given me something that I can constantly look forward to.

I am very grateful for the Melanie Woiwode Memorial Scholarship Fund for providing me with funds to attend this sport. The scholarship has helped relieve the stress of having to pay for the sport and has made it so that I can just enjoy the experience. Without the scholarship, I don’t believe that I would have been able to attend so frequently. I would recommend any and every woman who is interested in joining a sport while abroad to apply for this scholarship.

Kristyn Honore