How to Keep Traveling After Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is pretty awesome for many reasons, one of which is the fact that it offers access to life-changing travel opportunities. Because of this, most study abroad students end up experiencing a serious case of wanderlust.

Here’s the thing: this feeling doesn’t just disappear after returning home. If anything, the desire to travel the world only intensifies as time goes on.

Studying abroad can be compared to an extremely delicious appetizer that leaves you eager to experience the rest of the meal, which in this case would be a lifetime full of future travels.

If you’re anything like me, the only way to satisfy your appetite for travel is to continue pursuing it in whatever capacity you can.

So, I created this list of ways to keep traveling after your study abroad experience ends. I hope you find it helpful as you daydream about all of the adventures that still await you!

1. Get a TEFL certificate and teach English

Here’s an option that you’ve probably heard of before. Luckily, the reason it’s so popular is because English teaching jobs are in high demand worldwide!

2. Enroll in postgraduate study

Many UCEAP alumni loved studying abroad so much that they decided to complete their masters and/or PHDs at universities in the UK or elsewhere. Why not be one of them?

3. Apply for the UCEAP Graduate Program Intern position (like me)

My current year-long internship is based in Edinburgh, and there’s another one in London each year. Based on my experience so far, I can confidently say that this is an amazing opportunity to live and work abroad!

4. Enroll in alternative schooling abroad

So maybe you’re not looking to pursue a traditional postgraduate degree, but that doesn’t mean your studies have to end. There are plenty of other course opportunities out there, like learning how to make wine and gelato in Italy, or even attending a professional cooking school.

5. Try WOOFing (working on organic farms)

In exchange for room, board & adventure, you could try working on organic farms that are located anywhere in the world. Sounds like a pretty unique and interesting way to travel.

6. Become an au pair

Another way to live abroad is to work as a live-in household assistant for a local host family. This usually entails nannying, cleaning, cooking, and helping out in a variety of ways.

7. Work online

At this point we’re well into the digital age, and working remotely is a reality that’s not as uncommon as you might think. If having full-time location independence appeals to you, you can try freelancing, starting your own online business, or working a remote position at a US company/organization. 

8. Find seasonal work at a ski resort

Every year during ski season, mountain resorts around the world need temporary employees to work various jobs for the entire winter! Major benefits include access to snow-covered mountains and lifts, so that you can enjoy your favorite winter sports all season long.

9. Work on a cruise ship

If you’re a fan of boats, waves and/or the ocean, this is actually a wonderful idea. You’ll get to see the world while working and traveling the seven seas!

10. Volunteer with the Peace Corps

Yes, this usually requires dedicating at least two years of your time, but experiences like this are so incredibly worth it. You’ll be fully immersed in your host country and learn so much about yourself and local communities.

11. Fall in love with someone with foreign citizenship

This is arguably the most effective way to keep traveling. No further explanation needed.

12. Work with a non-profit organization

There are so many groups of people around the world doing amazing work, and they’re often looking for more dedicated individuals to join them. Just make sure to do your research and be mindful of the impact that organizations are having.

13. Stay at an Ashram

By now you may be thinking of the book/movie Eat Pray Love. But seriously, this is another great option for anyone looking for this particular kind of immersive experience!

14. Rise to international prominence

If enough people know who you are, you’ll have the ability to travel for both for work and pleasure. Many musicians, writers, actors, speakers, etc. have this privilege. You never know — this could be you one day.

15. Use your imagination

Can you think of anything else to add to this list? There are so many ways to travel nowadays, so get creative with what might work for you personally. Even if you can’t fit in international travel that often, your imagination can take you farther than you think. Wherever you are, make the most of it!