Melanie Woiwode Scholarship Recipient: Sierra Macdonald ⁠— Horseback Riding

Sierra Macdonald is UC Berkley student who studied abroad with us for the academic school year at the University of Edinburgh. This past Spring, she joined the Equestrian Club with the support of the Melanie Woiwode Scholarship.

Read on to hear more about her experience!

My involvement in the Edinburgh University Equestrian Club this semester has absolutely had a positive impact on my program abroad.

First and foremost, by participating in this program, I was able to meet an entire group of new people who all had shared interests that I likely never would have met without joining the club. I looked forward to my riding lesson each week because it meant that I got to spend time outdoors with new friends, developing skills and doing something we all loved.

Joining the Equestrian Club this semester was very important to me because I really wanted to prioritize re-involvement in a sport that I’ve done for years in the past. Riding horses was incredibly important to me all throughout my childhood and high school years, but I haven’t had much access to it since starting university.

However, the Equestrian Club at the University of Edinburgh provided me with the opportunity to ride again, and I wanted to make sure I really took advantage of that. Joining the club helped me reconnect with something I loved, and for that reason it very much enriched my semester.

I would absolutely recommend the scholarship to future applicants — I really think that sports clubs and teams are an amazing way to get involved at a new university and meet new people. It really made for a wonderful spring semester for me, and I’m very thankful to have been involved in the club.

Sierra Macdonald