Edinburgh Burrito Reviews

The blog post you’ve been desperately needing is finally here. Allie (the ESC Programme Officer) and I have taken it upon ourselves to do some detective work this year and figure out everything there is to know about the burrito situation in the lovely city of Edinburgh.

Disclaimer: The following ratings and reviews are relative to what is actually available here in Edinburgh when it comes to takeaway burrito options specifically. Thus, five stars here does not equate to five stars in California.

We hope this information is helpful when it comes to satisfying your burrito cravings while abroad!


Deliciousness: Great! This was hands down the tastiest burrito we tried. The flavours were quite good and they even toasted it to make sure it was hot & melty.

Filling variety: Pretty good. There were 5 specific meat fillings, but the burritos could also be made vegetarian or vegan.

Filling generosity: Wonderful. They piled the burritos high with toppings. There was no stinginess going on here at all!

Hot sauce satisfaction: Good. The hot sauce was actually spicy and exceeded expectations. They didn’t offer multiple types though.

Burrito sizes: 3 size options.

Location: Fine. Seems somewhat out of the way but is actually not too far of a walk from the meadows.

Affordability: Awesome. This place definitely had the best prices compared to everywhere else we went, starting at only £4.

Payment types: They accept card & cash.

Customer service: Lovely. The staff was very friendly and rolled the burritos to perfection.

Are the burritos authentic? Unfortunately not. Did you know that Scotland is 5000 miles away from Mexico?

Is guac extra? Yes, but it only costs 50p. And the overall price is still cheaper than anywhere else.

Student discount? No. But again, the affordability was still on point.

Additional food options? Yes, but not many.

Bonnie Burrito

Deliciousness: Pretty good. This was the next best option, and overall still quite enjoyable for a takeaway burrito.

Filling variety: Choice of 5 fillings, and specific vegetarian/vegan options were available.

Filling generosity: Great! They were pretty generous with toppings and the burritos still weren’t leaky, which was nice.

Hot sauce satisfaction: Good. They had one kind of salsa and a few additional homemade hot sauces, which you can buy in some local stores. I tried the spiciest one, but it wasn’t that hot in my opinion.

Burrito sizes: 3 size options.

Location: Good enough. It’s conveniently right near the east corner of the meadows.

Affordability: Great. Prices start at around £5 for the smaller size which is a good lunch portion.

Payment types: They accept card & cash.

Customer service: Wonderful. Service was quick and the staff were super friendly.

Are the burritos authentic? Nope. 5000 miles is really far away.

Is guac extra? Nope! Amazing.

Student discount? Yes, 10% off.

Additional food options? Yes, but not many.

Bar Burrito

Deliciousness: Usually good. It really depends on the day though. Sometimes it’s fine and sometimes the flavour is lacking.

Filling variety: Quite good. 4 meat fillings, 2 veggie ones.

Filling generosity: Not great. They’re honestly pretty stingy with toppings here and charge extra for things whenever they can.

Hot sauce satisfaction: Good! They have multiple types of salsa that you can add for free, as well as three kinds of their own hot sauces, which are actually spicy.

Burrito sizes: 3 size options.

Location: Amazing. The best thing about this place is how close it is to Edinburgh Uni and old town.

Affordability: Okay. Prices start at around £6 and they love charging extra.

Payment types: They accept card & cash.

Customer service: Fine, nothing too special.

Are the burritos authentic? Definitely not. Scotland is known for many things and the burrito isn’t one of them.

Is guac extra? Yes. It costs £1 for most burritos, but it is free for veggie options!

Student discount? Yes, 20% off, which makes a regular burrito around £5.

Additional food options? Yes. Their signature fries are pretty good.

Illegal Jacks

Deliciousness: Fine overall. It’s not really worth the price tag though.

Filling variety: Awesome. 4 meat options and 4 really unique vegetarian ones, which is one of the defining aspects of this place. They also have vegan cheese!

Filling generosity: Pretty good for main fillings but can be stingy when it comes to other toppings like salsa, sour cream, and cheese.

Hot sauce satisfaction: Good! They have multiple standard hot sauces but their very own versions that are quite nice.

Burrito sizes: 2 size options.

Location: Awesome. It’s pretty close to the Edinburgh Uni library.

Affordability: Not great, this is the most expensive option because prices start at £7.

Payment types: They accept card & cash.

Customer service: Not the best, the staff don’t seem to be the most welcoming.

Are the burritos authentic? Still no. Did I mention that we’re in Scotland?

Is guac extra? Yes. It costs £1.25.

Student discount? No. They do have a lunch deal but it’s still more expensive than elsewhere.

Additional food options? Yes. They have tons of other options.

El Toro Loco

Deliciousness: Okay. If you’re hungry and you happen to be nearby, it’ll do. There’s just not a ton of flavour unless you load up on hot sauce.

Filling variety: Good. 3 meats, 1 veggie option.

Filling generosity: Pretty good! They’re great at filling up those burritos.

Hot sauce satisfaction: Awesome! They have a seemingly unlimited supply of various hot sauces with varying ranges of spiciness. Yum.

Burrito sizes: 2 size options.

Location: Great. They’re located in the heart of Grassmarket, but the downside is that it can be pretty touristy.

Affordability: Good. Prices start at around £6.

Payment types: They accept card & cash.

Customer service: Nice. They’re pretty friendly overall.

Are the burritos authentic? Not at all. But just think of how amazing it will be when you reunite with your favorite burrito from back in California.

Is guac extra? Yes. It costs 75p.

Student discount? No. But it’s still offers decent prices overall.

Additional food options? Yes. And they also have desserts.

PSA: If you want to try some delicious Mexican-inspired food and are willing to spend a bit more for a sit-down meal, we highly recommend El Cartel and Wahaca.