Farewell from the ESC Intern: Claire Darling Watts

Today is my last day as Programme Intern at the Edinburgh Study Centre. It’s surreal to realize that a whole year has passed since I first started this position. Time really is such a strange thing to comprehend!

This year has been filled with unforgettable memories, and I’m feeling incredibly grateful to have had the ability to spend this time living and working here in Edinburgh, especially alongside such an amazing group of people.

One of my favourite aspects of this position is the fact that I’ve had the opportunity to wear many different professional hats throughout the year.

I’ve been social media manager, blogger, event planner, script writer, film editor, graphic designer, website manager, creative director, photographer, public speaker, facilitator, project manager, and so much more.

It’s been the kind of experience that I know will stick with me through all of my future projects and work endeavours.

So thank you, to my UCEAP team, for being an absolute pleasure to work with.

And thank you, to the UCEAP students, for being you! It’s been so much fun seeing you make the most of your study abroad experiences, like I did not too long ago.

I wish you all a wonderful 2020 and beyond!

What will I be up to in the new year? Well, for now, I’ll be moving back to southern California for the first time in over five years to pursue a variety of my own personal projects.

All I know is that whatever work I end up doing, I’m going to make sure it involves a lot of creative freedom and collaboration. Two of my favorite things.

Thanks for reading!

With magic, Claire x