Intern: Scotland

Welcome to Edinburgh! Intern: Scotland is a unique opportunity to gain real-word, professional experience with an exclusive internship whilst living in Scotland’s vibrant and beautiful capital city.

Deanna Woodman at UNHS

Further your political, cultural, and research knowledge and experience by working closely with either:

  • A Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP)
  • United Nations House Scotland (UNHS)
  • Law Society, or
  • The Open University
Intern Life

Open to all majors, the UCEAP Intern: Scotland Program offers University of California students the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to combine real-world work experience in Scottish politics and culture with their studies of Scottish government and non-governmental organisations.

The Scottish Parliament passes laws on issues delegated by the UK Parliament and scrutinises the work of the Scottish government. You’ll take part in the meaningful hands-on work with individual MSPs and their staff. Intern job duties may include dealing with matters from constituent concerns to parliamentary questions and motions; and aiding your MSP in preparing for issues on national legislation.

The three Non-Governmental Organisations provide opportunities in research, law, communications, business, international affairs, political science, and education. Students should be prepared to work independently and take on a wide range of tasks in a variety of areas. Job duties as an intern vary greatly depending on the organisation’s mission and goals.

The Intern: Scotland experience offers UC students the opportunity to study the culture of another country either from within its political or governing body, or in a non-governmental organisation.  Students gain vital career development skills and are challenged in positive and exciting ways throughout the programs.

“My study abroad experience has definitely given me more clarity on the science of politics, and has shone a light on what it is I want as a young professional. I now understand the importance of leaving comfort zones and delving into new experiences.”

Uriel Alejo, UCEAP Scottish Internship Programme 2015

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“We interns formed a tight bond amongst each other and the local Scots – and took in every cultural opportunity Edinburgh and Europe had to offer. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Scottish Parliament Internship to anyone interested in what can only be described as a life-changing experience.”

–Alyssa Hanou, UCEAP Scottish Internship Programme 2011

Interested in interning in Edinburgh? Click here to find out what the programme has to offer.