University of East Anglia

Welcome to Norwich! The University of East Anglia (UEA) is situated on the outskirts of the city of Norwich in the east of the UK, just under two hours from London.

To see more of what the UEA and Norwich is like watch ‘Postcards from Abroad’ below – made by Autumn Harrison, UCEAP UEA Year long student 2013-14, UC Irvine

  • Campus based university with over 17000 students
  • Among the Top Five for student satisfaction in the UK by the National Student map showing east angliasurvey – meaning that students love coming to the UEA!
  • Academically known for its research in Climate Science, Development Studies and its creative writing courses
  • Notable alumni include Matt Smith who played the Doctor in Dr. Who; Author Ian McEwan whose work includes Atonement and over 19 Cabinet Ministers from 16 foreign nations

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  1. The Campus
  2. The City

The Campus

The UEA Campus

The university is based on the outskirts of the city, in luscious green countryside – the university even has its own lake! The UEA boasts brilliant facilities for every taste – there is a state of the art sport centre with an Olympic-sized pool, as well as a gymnastic and trampolining centre, which is all offered at a reduced price to students; there is a live music venue, the LCR which delivers over 60 concerts a year where the likes of Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, and Haim have all played.

The Sainsbury’s Centre for Visual Arts which houses some of the world’s most famous artists like Picasso, as well as Egyptian Antiques, is based on campus and is free for students. Here’s a fun fact: the futuristic building the collection is housed in makes a brief appearance in the new Avengers movie! Still stuck for something to do? Then there are over 200 clubs and societies on campus for you to try – it can be a sport, a passion you already love or a chance to try something completely new and meet new friends. The campus is designed to include everything you need to make the most of your study abroad experience: from an on-campus post office to a 24/7 library, UEA truly has it all.

At the start of the semester I went to UEA’s clubs and societies fair. I saw the radio show booth and thought to myself how cool it would be to be involved, but was a bit unsure and hesitant. I decided to check it out, went through training, and then did a radio demo. Shockingly I ended up getting a show. This has been my favorite part of my study abroad experience by far. It has been scary and challenging but definitely the most rewarding activity I have got involved in since starting college. – Shannon Gonzales, UCEAP UEA Spring 2015 Student, UC Berkeley, Economics Major 

The City

norwich castle
Norwich Castle

The hustle and bustle of the historic city of Norwich is just a few minutes away by bus. A beautiful city, full of old buildings – a complete castle on a hill dating back to the 11th Century, two beautiful Cathedrals and many crooked lanes and cobbled streets to explore, full of shops, cafes, bars, theatres, cinemas and libraries. Norwich is a small city, so you can quickly become a local and know the best places to go. Moreover, Norwich was the first city to become the UNESCO City of Literature due in part to the famous creative writing programme at the UEA which has produced such authors as Ian McEwan, Kazuo Ishiguro, Ali Smith and Angela Carter.

If you want to find some glorious English countryside, it is again just a short bus ride away to the Norfolk Broads, an incredible national Park where you can walk, cycle or sail. There are also medieval villages, stately homes – including one of the Queen’s palaces Sandringham Estate, where Prince William and Kate currently live – and stunning beaches to explore.

Top Five things to do whilst studying at the UEA
norfolk broads

1.  Explore Norwich Lanes – secret cobbled streets, full of boutique shops and cafes

2. Take a boat ride on the Norfolk Broads

3. Climb to the top of Norwich Castle

4. See a gig at the Waterfront – the UEA’s own music venue in the heart of Norwich

5. See the Picasso painting in the Sainsbury’s Art Gallery on campus

Want to come and study abroad at the UEA? Click here to find out what the programme has to offer.
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