University of Edinburgh

Welcome to Edinburgh! The University of Edinburgh is the sixth oldest university in the English speaking world and provides a truly unique study experience in Scotland’s thriving capital.

Old College, photo courtesy of Edinburgh University
  • Located in Scotland’s beautiful and vibrant capital city
  • Over 33,000 students attend the university
  • Notable alumni include Charles Darwin, Great Britain’s most successful Olympian Sir Chris Hoy, Mumford & Sons lead singer Marcus Mumford and Pippa Middleton
  • 96% of Academic disciplines at the University of Edinburgh have research that is classed as World Leading

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  2. The City

Campus Life

McEwan Hall, photo courtesy of University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is rooted in a long history of academic excellence and research innovation and is situated right in the heart of the city. The University is made up of two main campuses; the main city centre campus that is home to many of the Humanities subjects and the King’s Buildings Campus where you will find the majority of science subjects. A free bus runs between the campuses but they are only a 25 minute walk from each other. Bonus: given that the city has a handful of universities that call it home, many local restaurants and shops offer great student discounts!

The Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA) supports more than 240 societies, offering students plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded people, take up a new hobby, network or simply socialise. In addition, the EUSA hosts a variety of programmes (live music, comedy nights, theatre) throughout the year across three of Edinburgh’s best city centre venues – The Pleasance, Potterrow and Teviot. The university’s International Office offers a unique “Go Connect” programme where students have the chance to meet and socialise with local Edinburgh people including University staff, community members and other students throughout the term.

Top Five Things to do whilst at the University of Edinburgh

1. Take a morning hike and watch the sunrise over Edinburgh from Arthurs Seat

2. Spend a Friday night watching Improv at the Bedlam-Edinburgh Uni’s student-run theatre

3. Grab Coffee with friends at Elephant House, the famous café where J.K. Rowling wrote her Harry Potter series

4. Participate in a traditional Scottish ceilidh

5. Spend a sunny day barbecuing with friends at the Meadows, the park adjacent to campus

The City

Edinburgh allows students the experience of living in a capital city that’s full of history, culture and metropolitan excitement. It also plays home to some of the UK’s most beautiful architecture and landscape–not to mention the gorgeous Edinburgh Castle in the heart of the city centre! In 2014, the Telegraph named Edinburgh the best city in the UK for the second year in a row, and after spending a bit of time roaming around this majestic city, it’s no surprise why.

The city of Edinburgh offers a unique mixture of the Old Town’s cobbled streets that bring to life historic tales with metropolitan shopping and fine dining that make up the city’s New Town. It is home to beautiful gardens and surrounding landscape that offer plenty for you to explore and discover year-round. In addition, with fantastic bus, tram and train systems, getting around town or embarking on a day-trip adventure to another UK city is very easy for students studying in Edinburgh! The airport is also just a quick 25 minute bus or tram ride away for those who are looking to explore other parts of Europe whilst abroad.

Interested in studying abroad at the University of Edinburgh? Click here to find out what the programme has to offer.

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