‘ACE’ Academic Curricular Extras Scholarship

Studying abroad in the United Kingdom and Ireland opens up exciting new opportunities to broaden your academic horizon and see your major and potential career path from a whole new perspective. To help UCEAP students get the most out of these opportunities, UC Trust UK is offering the ‘Academic Curricular Extras’ ACE Scholarship to help support students interested in attending academic conferences or participating in external internships.

The fund was set up to provide reimbursement to participants for students’ travel costs to events (like conferences) or funding for a special study or internship project outside of their host university’s academic requirements. In the past, UCEAP students have received this scholarship for projects as varied as internships, visit to the CERN in Geneva, and participating in an art exhibition.

If you are interested in applying, please fill out this form by selecting the ‘student support scholarship’ tab from the drop down menu. Applications are on a rolling deadline. The maximum amount awarded for this scholarship is £500. We look forward to hearing about the exciting opportunities you are all embracing!

Please Note: should you be chosen as a recipient, in order to accept the scholarship award you will need a U.K. bank account or PayPal account in order to be credited the funds.

6 thoughts on “‘ACE’ Academic Curricular Extras Scholarship

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